Because our clients are--by definition--focused on a near-term exit, they must remain confidential unless their permission is given or an exit is achieved.

Examples of recent/current Propel clients include:

Ringz.TV, a maker of entertainment apps that enable Ringz users to find, watch, and share videos from everywhere in a patented social syndication platform optimized for revenue generation. Engagement includes acquisition of key US patent, developing new IP and international patents, recruiting the founding team, raising angel and convertible debt financings, negotiating syndication deals with media owners, and app/HTML5 product definition and design.

A privately-held, high-growth consultancy in the global luxury goods sector. Services include advising management on M&A opportunities. 

A privately-held provider of software and services to the exploding international “medical tourism” sector. Role included technology platform review, business strategy, and structuring an investment from a publicly-held strategic partner.

Mobix Interactive Plc., a leading UK-based provider of software to deliver video content plus targeted ads to mobile subscribers in EMEA, South Africa and India. Our role included a two year engagement assisting the CEO and board on strategic, marketing and business development matters, plus leading the M&A process for Mobix's November 2008 sale to SeaChange international (NASDAQ: SEAC).

Further detail on request.

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