Propel works on an unusual model. Rather than a typical consultancy billing hours, we charge a flat up-front fee, then earn equity alongside you and your team.

We're on call 24/7, 7 days a week. No tracking time, no junior staff, no excuses.

If your needs include capital, we charge a success-based fee, and often invest alongside our funding sources. If you require efficient, focused M&A services, we lead or co-manage your process, again on a success-fee basis.

Our model requires us to be selective. Time is short, capital scarce. When you engage with Propel, much of our fee will be in equity-and in order for our value to be rewarded, you and we must seek liquidity.

It is critical to our mutual success that you answer yes to each of the following questions:

Propel generally engages with no more than two to three clients simultaneously. We want to partner with smart, driven entrepreneurs who are ready to build sustainable value and a meaningful exit.

In short, we pick winners. Do you?

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